Renewable energy in the prison

In addition to solar panels, the new Haren prison has a number of other installations that will help reduce energy consumption. One of these is a geothermal energy storage-system, which consists of 250 drillings to store heat or cold or to extract it from the ground. It makes this system[…]

Working on Saturdays

From now on, we will also be working on Saturdays between 7:00 and 16:00. The work that will be carried out will not cause any additional nuisance to the environment. It goes without saying we will make sure that the disruption management plan for this project is also respected during[…]

Noise measurements around the site

In order to monitor the noise impact of the works on the surrounding area, there are three sonometers installed around the site in the vicinity of the surrounding houses. These sonometers continue to measure the surrounding noise and send out a notification if the limits have been exceeded by activity[…]

The new prison creates jobs!

Would you like to help build the new prison? Or would you like to offer your services in the running of it? We are always looking for motivated people! Visit to check out our vacancies or to apply spontaneously. Vacancies for jobs after the prison has been commissioned will[…]