Gold Award for Haren Prison: Best Social Infrastructure Project

At the Partnership Awards, awards for the best public-private partnerships, the project of Haren Prison has been recognised as the best project project for social infrastructure. The project is a DBFM-cooperation between Buildings Agency and the consortium Cafasso, which Denys is part of.

The jury motivated their gold award for this project as follows:

“We were impressed by the way in which the team has overcome a number of challenges on this project to deliver a scheme that provided good value for money and remained flexible throughout the project’s development.”

The jury were also keen to reward the scheme’s novel approach to delivering prison services.

The largest social infrastructure project procured in Belgium, this project covers 15 hectares of land and 14 separate units, including an entrance complex, extensive on-site facilities and new court houses for the Ministry of Justice. In a break with traditional prison building, this scheme focused on developing a rehabilitation facility in the vision of a ‘Prison Village’, encouraging residents to act and engage within a social environment.

Situated across three regional authorities, the chosen location of the new Haren prison required significant levels of stakeholder engagement and management, as well as multiple approval processes. A unique hybrid financing structure was used to provide value for money for the public sector.