Renewable energy in the prison

In addition to solar panels, the new Haren prison has a number of other installations that will help reduce energy consumption.

One of these is a geothermal energy storage-system, which consists of 250 drillings to store heat or cold or to extract it from the ground. It makes this system one of the largest that has been carried out so far in Belgium.

The heat or cold extracted from the ground will be used to heat up or cool down the prison complex.

The drilling for the installation of the probes will be completed at the end of October.
The works for are executed by Energie Verbeke.

The other installation is a cogeneration installation. This will generate electricity, and the residual heat released during electricity production will be used to produce hot water for the prison.

In total, the innovative energy concept will reduce the CO2 emissions by 2000 tons per year in comparison to a traditional energy concept.