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Planning of the works

The reduction in the number of tower cranes at the site is a good indication that the structural work is drawing to a close. As things stand, it is due to be completed in January 2021. The finishing phase got underway during the spring of 2020 and is in full swing.

A number of the site’s buildings have already been made wind and watertight which inter alia includes the breakout-proof exterior joinery, the facade panels and the external masonry, including the roofing. Also the crews assigned to the implementation of the building technology and the interior finish are operating at full steam.

Because a permit (relating to a number important changes to the construction programme the Principal requested) came through late and as we were forced to stop working from March 2020 until May 2020 on account of COVID-19, the site is slightly behind schedule. But since June 2020, we have been toiling on a catch-up plan that will ensure that we will be able to hand over this project to the Principal (Regie der Gebouwen – (Belgian Building Agency)), the user (FPS Justice) and the maintenance party mid-2022.

Indicative timing of the works

Planning of the project