Planning ENG

The preparatory work for the project was completed during the spring of 2018. During this first preparatory phase, the protected bee orchids were moved on the basis of a special relocation plan, approved by Brussels Environment. Amphibian nets were used to catch any amphibians present before being safely moved to another location. Finally, the trees were cut down manually.

Once the contract with the federal government had been signed, work recommenced in July 2018. The summer was spent repairing the site fencing and removing the trees and shrubs. Both the site and Witloofstraat were cleared of most of the litter that had been left to accumulate across the site and along the road in recent years.
A number of ground tests were also carried out to check the soil contamination levels, soil infiltration capacity and the bearing capacity of the existing soil.

A number of major works will start during the autumn of 2018. For one, the presumed source of the Keelbeek will be traced and redirected to a new wadi that will be created. The new Keelbeekweg and the road running parallel to Woluwelaan will be built and the soil remediation works will get underway.
The spring of 2019 will by and large be used to complete the earthworks and the foundations.
Come the summer of 2019, the first buildings will become visible.
The works are scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2022.