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The Works

Denys and FCC Construcción have years of experience when it comes to large-scale, complex projects. But as every project poses a new challenge, with its own specific needs and issues, a unique management plan was drawn up, setting out the working principles that will apply throughout the project.
Why? The aim is to complete the project as swiftly and safely as possible and with the least possible impact on local residents.


Site safety and the safety of the people living in the area are two important areas of concern that are drilled into every employee, worker and subcontractor during the introduction course each one of them is obliged to follow when they access the site for the first time. Throughout the project, additional safety instructions, supplemented with specific instructions in function of the work in hand, will be issued on a regular basis.
To ensure compliance with the safety instructions, special “safety guardians” are appointed with the sole task of guaranteeing and, where possible, enhancing safety.
Like on any large building site, there is no way of guaranteeing that nothing will ever go wrong in spite of all the safety measures put in place. With that in mind, we proactively communicate with the local emergency services to make sure that they are aware of the state of play at the site at all times so that they are always in a position to tailor their intervention to any issues that may arise. We believe that this is the only way to guarantee an efficient emergency service.


The site layout will evolve as the works progress.

Phase 1:
the site will be divided into three sections on account of the current Keelbeekweg and Witloofstraat. Both roads will remain accessible to the public at all times.
Alongside Witloofstraat, just before the railway bridge, a number of site sheds will be installed for the people who will be working at the site.

Site layout, phase 1

Phase 2:
as soon as the new Keelbeekweg has been completed, the upper zone will become part of the rest of the site. The earthworks will start in earnest and the site will gradually assume its new topography. Temporary mounds of earth will appear here and there.
While the earthworks are going on, the foundations will be laid and the sewerage system installed.

Site layout, phase 2

Phase 3: once the structural work starts, tower cranes will move in, the number of site sheds will increase, as will site activity.

Site layout, phase 3